European RPG Studios Union

Welcome to the official website of the RPG ESU

The purpose of the RPG ESU is to promote role-playing games, to advocate for role-playing games acknowledgment as a genre of literature and form of art before national and European institutions, and to protect the creators of the sector.

We believe that role-playing games are one of the most modern and relevant media to create interpersonal bonds. They are a tool to develop soft skills for the players. Their distribution and practice needs to be encouraged, taught, and supported by institutions just as for other artistic media such as movies, music, and video games.

The first action of the RPG ESU is to fully support the #OpenDnD movement. We stand ready to work with the actors of this movement to make role-playing games more open and accessible, both for the public and for content creators.

Acheron Games, Studio Agate and Uhrwerk Verlag
Co-founders of the European RPG Studios Union