Who are we?

January 20th, 2023

Acheron games, Studio Agate and Uhrwerk Verlag announce the creation of the European RPG Studios Union (RPG ESU). Acheron Games is the Italian creator and publisher of Lex Arcana, Brancalonia, and Inferno. Studio Agate is the French creative studio behind Shadows of Esteren and Fateforge. Uhrwerk is the independent German publisher of Splittermond and Malmsturm.

Logo Acheron Games

Acheron Games

Acheron is Italy's leading producer of original role-playing games, and one of the rising stars of international gaming. Our titles have won some of the most prestigious international awards in their category, and are published and distributed in the United States, Italy, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Scandinavian countries, and Brazil. Our offices are located in Milan and New York.

Logo Studio Agate

Studio Agate

Agate is a French independent studio specialized in world-building, game design and transmedia. The studio publishes role-playing games in French and English that have won a dozen international awards, including Shadows of Esteren, the most awarded French RPG. We also translate and publish licenses of great games in French and produce music with our Esteren label.

Logo Uhrwerk Verlag

Uhrwerk Verlag

Uhrwerk is an independent German publisher doing both original German role-playing-games like the very successful Splittermond, Space: 1889, FATE-Malmsturm as well as translations of various American, British and Swedish RPGs like FATE, Forbidden Lands, Vaesen, Lex Arcana, Star Trek Adventures and many more. Our main office is located in Cologne, but have our employees and freelancers scattered all over Germany, working from homeoffice.